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Acne No More ReviewAcne No More Review: Here’s a Taste of Something Brutally Honest

Anyone who visits the Acne No More website might mistake it for one another of those hyped up quick fix acne cure promotional pages.

People who have been battling acne for years may have become a bit cynical after trying one solution after the other without getting the desired results they really desire.

And why is that? It’s simply because they have been given a lot of misinformation about their medical condition.


Misleading Information on the Internet

With all the acne treatment information available on the Internet, it is understandable why a lot of people get confused about it.

The information from one website promoting a so-called “fool proof” acne treatment can and usually does conflict with the information provided in another website promoting a totally different product.

For instance, some sites will advise acne patients to avoid certain types of food (e.g. food rich in protein or certain fruits). However, if they visit a competing site they will find the author promoting the kinds of food that the previous website tells visitors to avoid.

A lot of these “acne gurus” will make very logical arguments. At times they may even use technical scientific terminology to make their positions and recommendations very convincing.


Testimonial after Testimonial, So What

Going back to the Acne No More website, one thing that might turn off acne sufferers is the prolific use of testimonial evidence.

Well, that’s pretty much the same thing that anyone can find from other quack cure sites: testimony after testimony after testimony from so-called clients who have been cured. However, if site visitors scroll down through the testimonial evidence they will find some pretty useful info.

Some of the information is an honest review of the current methods used to treat acne that are being employed today. It presents the facts about topical creams, facial cleansers, and even antibiotics and why these treatment approaches don’t really work.

All of this is a precursor to the fact that the treatment system that the author is introducing does not make use of the treatment approaches that acne sufferers have previously tried and have failed.


A Word about the Author

The principal author of the text and promoter of the treatment system espoused by the site is Mike Walden. He is a certified nutritionist, a medical researcher, and most of all a fellow acne sufferer.

He presents on this site a treatment system that he himself developed and tried after suffering from acne for many long years. The claims are backed by his experience with the same treatments that medical professionals have recommended.

In short, he knows exactly how acne sufferers feel because he’s been there.


Here is my favorite website:


The Treatment: Backed by Research and Clinical Trials

The treatment approach espoused by the author is a holistic one. It goes beyond tackling just the symptoms. It’s not a quick fix approach that only gets rid of acne symptoms temporarily.

The patients who have undergone this treatment approach do not only receive a lasting solution but they also end up getting healthier. The treatment system being promoted by this site works from inside out and not the other way around.

The Acne No More treatment approach by Mike Walden is a custom lifetime solution that is suited to the unique needs of each patient. Truly one of the best tested and workable review that I love.

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2 Responses to “Acne No More Review”

  1. Janice says:

    Thanks for the very informative write up on Mike Walden guides to Acne No More Reviews. In fact, I have bought it last week to try it out. Guess what? For the 1st time, my acne has reduced to more than 50% after 3 days! I am totally amazed! Thanks for you honest review and help. I will let more people knon about your website.

  2. Alfred says:

    Ok, I am a guy and have suffered acne problem for more than 3 years. No one knows the pain and shame I have to face everyday by curious onlooker. I just hide at home and don’t feel like going anywhere. All thanks to you for this truthful website. I have learned many things from you Celine and I bought Acne No More too. My face is almost 90% clear of acne after 1 month. I felt confidence and can face the world too. Thanks my angel!

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